Monday, January 6, 2014

A year in Cambodia

It's a new year, a time for people to take stock of their lives and create unrealistic expectations for the near future. In Cambodia, this meant mass protests for new elections and a higher minimum wage for garment workers — and a brutal crackdown by the government.

The economy may be falling apart, troops may be gunning down people in the streets, but that doesn't stop swarms of tourists from descending on the Kingdom of Cambodia. (Just as a tip, this may not be the best time to move to Cambodia and start a bar.)

I made this simple little game in 2006 as a page filler for a magazine that shall remain nameless.

Cambodia has serious problems. Being a cheap tourist destination certainly brings in hard currency, but if you see Cambodia as some alcohol-fueled hedonistic paradise where there are no consequences, you probably shouldn't move there.

If you know someone who's crazy enough to seriously considering moving to Cambodia, send them a pdf of The Cambodia Game. Or take a look at another political board game I created: Mango Republic.

Stay safe everybody.

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