Monday, December 16, 2013

Learning Khmer on YouTube

One of the more popular searches that leads to this blog is "How to learn Khmer" or something similar. If you're a native English speaker, Cambodia's language is not easy to learn — especially if you only plan on being in the kingdom for two weeks to look at temples and lounge on a beach.

But, as with all things, YouTube provides an answer. Nathaniel Dick has posted a series of instructional videos that offer an introduction to spoken and written Khmer. His accent is literally amazing.

Here are some basic phrases:

And here is the first in a series of videos delving into the Khmer script and grammar:

If you're interested in speaking and reading Khmer, these videos are a great place to start. He also recommends the book Cambodian for Beginners.


  1. His youtube video is pretty interesting. Another good resource is

  2. Sorry I forgot to post that in full disclosure the above mentioned website is my own. :)