Saturday, April 13, 2013

Giving the monks of Oregon their rice

Today was the first day of Khmer New Year. As is the tradition, people gave rice to the Buddhist monks at Watt Dhammarangsi in West Linn, Ore., and I took a few pictures of the event.

People line up in two parallel rows to await the monks.
 It can take a while for the monks to walk the line, so people have time to chat.
There are usually about five monks who walk in the procession at this temple.
People wear their finest traditional garments, even if it is a cold and rainy Oregon morning.
The man in the white shirt kept up a steady patter in Khmer.
There can be quite a crush as people crowd in to give the monks their due.
The monks accept gifts of cash as well as cooked rice.
Helpers collect the donated rice in tubs as the pots carried by the monks can fill up quickly.

The rice is the staple in the community potluck that follows.

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