Monday, January 14, 2013

This is not a sign, it's a book

"Hand-Painted Signs of Kratie" is a descriptive if not imaginative title — but it's surprisingly interesting.

Anyone who has found himself staring at a unique sign in Cambodia would find something to like about this book. If nothing else, it will stir up memories of the bizarre commerce that has long since left the main streets of the West (hog stud services, anyone?).

Many of the signs are, of course, in Khmer. That's not as much a problem if you're illiterate in the language, because many of the signs are crafted for a populace that unfortunately has limited literacy skills.

That my wife is from Kratie and I have visited the area many times is an added bonus. Perhaps someday I'll be able to go on a sign tour and match the photos in the book with the real things. Assuming any of the originals remain.

It's available on Amazon and directly from the author.

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