Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Oregon to issue driver licenses under DACA

Just saw a press release stating Oregon will now give driver licenses and other identification documents to people with an I-766 or "DACA" visa. The Oregon DMV is closed for a furlough day on Friday and a holiday on Monday, so hurry in if this affects you.

The press release:
Oregon DMV to accept ‘Deferred Action’ applicants
Oregon DMV will accept applications for driver licenses, instruction permits and identification cards as of January 16 from Oregon residents approved for the federal “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) program who have been issued immigration Form I-766.
DMV will accept a valid immigration Form I-766 as proof of lawful presence in the U.S., and the Oregon driver license or ID card’s expiration date will match the expiration date on the person’s Form I-766. Applicants must meet all Oregon requirements for driving privileges and ID cards, including proof of identity, age, residence address, passage of tests, and payment of fees. DMV electronically verifies Social Security numbers and federal immigration documents.
On June 15, 2012, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano issued a memorandum directive authorizing the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and its agencies to grant deferred action to certain individuals who entered the United States illegally as children.
The DACA program allows an eligible individual to apply for and receive deferred action status. Deferred action under the DACA program means the person is not subject to immigration removal proceedings for two years, which may be renewed, and may be granted authorization to work in the United States legally. If approved, a person is issued an immigration document Form I-766 (Employment Authorization) or Form I-797 (Notice of Action) by the United States Custom and Immigration Service.
Each individual state must determine whether a grant of deferred action status by the federal Department of Homeland Security satisfies the state’s requirements for issuance of a driver license or ID card. ORS 807.021 and ORS 807.730 require that a person provide proof of legal presence in the United States before DMV may issue a driver license, driver permit or ID card. A person provides proof of legal presence by submitting valid documentation as defined by DMV by rule. DMV administrative rule, OAR 735-062-0015(4), authorizes DMV to accept a Form I-766 as proof a person is legally present in the United States on a temporary basis.
For more information about DACA, visit the Department of Homeland Security’s website at
For a complete list of DMV offices and their business hours, go to
Note: Friday, Jan. 18, is a statewide furlough. All DMV offices will be closed for four days with the furlough on Friday through the holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) on Monday, January 21. DMV recommends that people avoid lines on the Thursday before and the Tuesday after the four-day weekend.

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