Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Long Beach revolutionary

Oops, I committed violence in pursuit of political goals again?
After you've immigrated to a foreign land, built a thriving tax-preparation business and amassed multiple wives, what's next?

Declaring yourself the Cambodian Moses and fomenting a coup d'├ętat, apparently. At least that's what Yasith Chhun did.

"The Accidental Terrorist" is an amazing work of journalism. It has a fascinating level of detail but is tightly written and manages to get things right — a challenge considering the convoluted history of Southeast Asia.

Author Adam Piore should be commended.

Also, if you're going to start a rebellion, don't brag about it to The New York Times.

More from the publisher — The Atavist — is available here.

Update: PRI's The World interviewed Adam Piore. Have a listen:

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